Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year gone by

I thank you Lord for the year gone by.
For helping me complete internship and leave CMC... FINALLY!!!
For joining bond and sticking it out though everyday I felt like running out screaming.
For mama and her trip to RJN.. like one bright ray of sunshine.
Dada's surgery and Vellore trip and everyone who made it possible.
For Shyla and how after all these years we still rock!!
For Sheen and Jaicy... Angels do live among us.

For Amos and all the birthday gifts! ;)
For Femi... The one thing I miss about college.
For Ranjan Bhaiya... the brother I always wanted.
For Bernice Di and Jonty... Vellore is now home.
For Martha... My very own bundle of joy.
For Anna... Mama and Dada's silver jubilee.. I wouldn't have been here without you... LITERALLY!!!
For things that worked out and those that didn't, I thank you Lord.
For the people I found and those I left behind, I thank you Lord.
For all the big events and small mercies, I thank you Lord.
I thank you Lord for the year gone by and all I ask is that for the year that is about to come, your presence will always go with me.

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