Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mission hospitals

I have been working in the mission field for the past one and a half years. And my consensus is... Only a fool would work in mission hospitals.
Now let me give you some background here. I wanted to be a wildlife conservationist. From the age of three, I wanted to work with animals. Then at the age of fifteen, God called me and turned my whole world upside down. The only reason I did medicine was to become a missionary doctor. I was the one they made fun of in medical school because I wanted to serve the poor and the needy. I was the champion for the cause of missions all through my five and a half years in college.
Finally the day came. I walked out as a doctor from one of the best institutions in the country. My dream was coming true. I was going to the mission field.
But boy oh boy!! I was in for a very big surprise.
The list is endless....
The newest addition is discrimination based on gender and denomination.
I've seen it all.
And yet... what's more astounding is...
I still want to do it.
Still want to work in the mission field.
Still want to touch the lives of countless indians that don't have access to basic medical care. To any kind of care.
Still want to show Christ to the millions of people who are spiritually dead.
I have no idea.
Must. be. GOD.