Friday, August 24, 2012

My prayer

Father God, make me a worshipper.
Thank you for making me your child. For giving me the privilege that I can come before the almighty God.
But yet, I confess, there are times I don't. I know it sounds so unfathomable that a no-good would get the oppurtunity of exclusive access of the king of kings and still turn it down.
But yes. I do it.
For whatever reason. The sin that make me want to run away and hide. The distractions that draw me away every time I try to go further into your presence. The mistrust that comes after years of unmet expectations and broken hearts. The disbelief that there is actually someone who cares enough to do something. The insecurities and fears that I want to fix with my do-it-yourself attitude. And the love that I had for you slowly being chiseled away and gnawed at by this thing called life.
But lord I pray you would look past all that. Look at the heart that still has the desire to be yours and yours alone. The passion to live for you. The longing to be in your presence. The being that says, 'show me your glory!'. And the love that holds on to you no matter what.
Make me a worshipper Lord. Teach me to worship you. In spirit and in truth.
Make me a worshipper Lord. That I may be a living sacrifice.
Make me a worshipper Lord. Bring me back to my first love.
Make me a worshipper Lord. For that is what I was created to be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It seems like ages since I wrote. Two months and seven days to be precise. Simple reason being there wasn't much to write about.
Last week however was eventful. We saw a major political upheaval. My medical supdt was sacked and my batchmate took his place. Many new policies introduced. Many board meetings. Et al.
I got sick! Bad case of pharyngitis. Made me miss the much awaited church picnic. However the good news is all the picnic-ers all stopped by on d way to see me! :-)
Personally... its a time of waiting... that's the difficult part. Not knowing. And for a plan-and-be-in-control freak like me, its absolute torture.
But then... that's when he says... Be still, and know that I am God.