Thursday, June 16, 2011

My boss

For those of you thinkin this is going to be one of those bitch-about-the-boss sessions, sorry you're going to be sorely disappointed.
For I am one of those privileged few who has a boss you can't help but adore.
Last night at 11 pm a woman in labour came in who had to be taken in for an emergency C section. My fingers were itching to do it but who will let a rookie operate in the middle of the night when all you want to do is sleep after a long tiring day. He quietly went to the assistant's place and handed me the scalpel. Half asleep but overjoyed I started. In the middle of the night, under infinite patience, I unlearnt all my wrong techniques and relearnt all the right ones. With a characteristic soft mumble he coaxed fumbling fingers to higher skill and opened a struggling mind to a superior art. And yet when my sleep deprived, struggling to concentrate mind and un-cooperative fingers made the same mistakes again and again, instead of condescension there was only friendly jest and an occasional sarcastic chuckle. Then suddenly...out of the blue... A HEAD BUTT!!!! I froze midway ready to be thrown out of theater just to be reminded that my undone mask was about to fall on the open abdomen. If the needle refused to pierce the stubborn tissue, instead of doing it himself, he supported my hands in pushing it through. After bearing (with) me patiently till the end, he helped me finishing up and sent me home before him.
And he sends his angels before me......

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