Monday, October 8, 2012


Did I mention I'm a sucker for birthdays...???
Yup... totally!
Always have, always will...
I'm one of those people who plan for birthdays a year in advance... decide on the gift, the celebration... so you can imagine the pressure on my friends when my birthday comes around!! :-P
Anyways... this birthday was special. Went on a well-deserved 7 days break. A break from all things personal and accademic. (N-E-E-T!! :-( )
The first three days was spent with family in vellore and included all things 'home' like food, sleep, more food... and birthday pampering like cake, gifts, new haircut, more food... :-)
The next four days was in the Intouch Fellowship camp, Bangalore. The most refreshing and jejuvenating experience. Worship, word, the holy spirit and lots and lots of fun and friends.
So, all in all, it was exactly what I needed and I'm now all set for the year ahead. Bring it on!

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