Thursday, March 8, 2012

Under the influence

Another big problem that I see in this side of the country is the craze for liquor. The capacity of people to drink uptil 1 at night n then wake up at 6 am for an eye opening shot is amazing. Also the fact that even if there isn't money for food and medicines, there is always enough for alcohol. The power of one bottle to turn benign quiet husbands into wife beating monsters is not as stunning as the tolerance of these women accepting it as 'fate'.
However what is even more irritating is when these anti social elements decide to disturb the peace and happiness of those around them. Coming into casualty late at night just to irritate the young woman doctor. Relatives coming drunk and fighting within hospital premises. Sitting in opd for hours talking absolute rubbish. Then those that don't even let you walk by without an earfull of nast comments.
The worst part being that there is absolutely no logical way to retaliate. Words will fall on deaf ears and sticks and stones won't elicit the desired response.
So all I can do is laugh it off or jus grind my teeth and bear it!

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