Friday, March 23, 2012

Jesus is in the boat

Last week was a tough one. Tough not because of all that happened. Tough because it was unexpected. After all bad things hit you harder when you're not expecting it. And I was definately not expecting it....! Things were going beautifully... not just in one aspect... every aspect! Work, church, friends, family... smooth... That's when the devil threw a curve ball. That day my fb status read,"...if everythings going right, it just means you don't know what's going wrong..."
But then today, just now, while writing this blog, the thought hit me. Remember the story of when Jesus calmed the seas...
Jesus and his disciples set out for a cruise. The disciples were happy, Jesus was resting, everything was smooth sailing. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a storm arose. A storm so fierce that the disciples feared for their lives. But the master was sleeping. Because, as far as he was concerned, it was still smooth sailing. Why? Because he was in the boat. That's what made the difference. Not the magnitude of the storm or the preparedness of the sailors. But the fact that the presence of the master had never left. Before the storm, or after. Jesus was still in the boat.
Jesus is still in the boat.

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