Thursday, February 16, 2012

To take a life

I am now in south india. The educated, intellectual, refined South.
However the most striking fact is the large numbers of suicides in the region particularly Tamil Nadu. It is a real surprise that while claiming to have a higher literacy rate, it also boasts of the highest number of suicidal deaths in the country. In a hospital where we see a maximum of 30 patients a day, there is always one or two suicidal attempts.
It is always impulsive and always deadly. In that moment of emotional irrationality, they reach for the closest thing and it is mostly always the most dangerous. Lead poisoning from the yellow rangoli powder, oleander from the garden, organophosphates from the fields.... By the time they realize their folly, it is usually too late. They come to us. Stomach wash, forced diuresis, antidotes... Still the poison runs its course... 
Is it that easy.... to take a life...?

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