Saturday, November 5, 2011

'House' Doctor

Most experiences here are some that might never be repeated and that I will never forget. 
Its was one of those days when I happened to be the only doctor on campus owing to my boss being out. One of our regular (private) patients came with complaints of his father having abdominal distension and breathing difficulty. The difference in this case being he did not bring the patient to me, he wanted me to go along with him to the patient.
Owing to his very worrying description, and owing to the fact that my boss has done the same thing a number of times.... I went.... Alone... At 9 in the night... With a guy I didn't know... To a place I had no clue about... And without my cell!!! (I realized all these various facts when already in the car!) 
Thankfully, all went off well... The patient turned out to be having a mild case of gastritis... I administered all the necessary drugs... I was dropped safely home.... AND IN ONE PIECE!!
All's well that ends well.

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