Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect timing

Here in North India, timing is everything. Births, deaths, weddings, business transactions, sale and purchase all are deemed auspicious according to when they occur. Thus sale and purchases, weddings etc are conducted after the pundit announces the date and the time. But imagine modifying the time of delivery!!!
I had heard some horror stories.... 
About the woman who went into labor during an 'evil' time. The midwife hung her upside down so the baby wouldn't be born. 
But then I encountered it first hand. A lady who insisted on having her baby on the 15th of november, 9:11 am. And left the how to us. The baby had to come out by then, by hook or by crook. So we posted her for caesarean. Indication : Maternal request.
8:30 am : The lady was wheeled into theatre.
8:45 am : Anaesthesia
9:00 am : We started
9: 05 am : We entered the abdomen
And then we waited....... 
9:11 Baby out
So everyone lived happily ever after....

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  1. Hi Lydia,

    Great to read your posts. Have tried to call your mobile a number of times without success.