Friday, July 1, 2011

Labouring on....

Let me tell you the story of Miss S. My first private patient and what a story at that. A primi who all through her pregnancy demanded to see only me over and above any senior doctor around. :) That was not so much of an issue. But then came her delivery....
Three days past her date, there was still no sign of the baby. So we decided to induce the process with misoprostol.
10 am First dose - no sign still.
4   pm Second dose... All is well
6   pm This perfect angel went raving mad. She sat up, rolled around, pulled out all her lines, got up and started walking... where?... home, apparently. Two staff, one doctor, one relative and one burly watchman couldn't hold her down. In return, I received a well aimed kick to my lower abdomen and my nurse a flying back hand. Finally we called the husband who begged, pleaded, threatened and then literally manhandled her back to labour room. Where she stubbornly sat and then lay on the ground. All the while the hapless doctor (read me) was trying to monitor and maintain fetal heart.
8 pm Finally, madam S did get on the bed and wonders of wonders, the baby was fine. Just a lil higher than before.
9 pm A beautiful big baby girl.


  1. hey Lydia,

    Had an idea. How about I come over and teach you all the early non-surgical serial casting method (Ponseti) for club foot. You must see a bit of this? We could teach the health visitors to do it too.

  2. Thats a great idea!! Currently we refer any and all problems linked to orthopaedics...